Beaver Pond Village, located in Saratoga Springs, New York, is an environmentally sensitive neighborhood that combines the amenities of contemporary living with the year round tranquility and beauty of nature.  The neighborhood includes a diverse combination of forest areas, meadows, and wetlands.  Beaver Pond Village preserves over 150 acres, 78% of the project area, as open space protected under a conservation easement held by The National Land Trust.

A fascinating combination of humanity and nature, Beaver Pond Village provides protection for the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly and the threatened Frosted Elfin Butterfly.  This is possible because of a healthy population of wild lupine, a plant that is an important food source for the caterpillars of both butterflies.  There are also several large beaver ponds that can only be seen when on foot; a wonderful site to behold from within the city limits of Saratoga.

Beaver Pond Village promotes a pedestrian-friendly street experience.  There are sidewalks on both sides of the streets throughout the neighborhood and also along Geyser Road fronting the neighborhood.

Approximately 5,500 feet of public recreational trails and pathways are part of the Beaver Pond Village community.  A trail system of wood chip paths and boardwalks meander through the diverse open space areas.  The trail system is enjoyed by walkers and runners, and it provides opportunity to appreciate the natural environment.

Beaver Pond Village, adjacent to the State Tree Nursery, is a short walk to the Saratoga Spa State Park, mineral springs, and the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  It’s just a really super location that has all the conveniences of nearby city living, and the experience of nature in everyday life.

Saratoga Springs is a small city that is large on living tucked into upstate New York.  Only a 3 hour drive to NYC, Boston, and Montreal, this gem of a town has won many “best of” awards including being named one of “America’s Best College Towns” and “America’s Greatest Main Streets” by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Discovered by early colonists as a native American spiritual sanctuary because of its healing, naturally present spring waters, Saratoga is known world-wide as home to the oldest thoroughbred racetrack in the nation. Its 2200 acre Saratoga Spa State Park offers numerous recreational activities and is also home to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

Whether you want to stroll along Broadway, people watch while enjoying a gourmet meal, go for a hike or to the ballet, there is always something to do in Saratoga Springs. What a wonderful place to live and worth the trip from anywhere.